They’re not real!

I’m writing this on Sunday afternoon, kids are upstairs keeping themselves entertained and I’m sitting here playing the ‘Fish live’ game that my son downloaded on to my phone and then got bored of it.

You’d think that would be the time to delete it wouldn’t you?

But this is me! I’m probably not your average 35 year old mum!

I click on the game to find the tank green and little fish pots hovering over every single fish! The poor things are hungry! I shouted to my son “you’re not looking after your fish!” this kid is used to me so what he hears is nothing out of the ordinary! He responds with “oh yes, can you feed them please?”

Obviously I’m not going to let them starve! 3 tanks later, they’ve all got a clean tank, been loved and all got full tummies!

I turn it off feeling satisfied that all fish have survived.

And then I realise what the hell I’m doing!

THEY’RE NOT REAL! It’s OK if they die!

2 months later I’m still going on that game on a daily basis, he has no interest in it, but I’m happy because all the fish have survived.

I’m now on 4 tanks and proud because I won an Xmas dolphin and a merman!

This parenthood thing has clearly sent me crazy!

But I have to go now because my baby fish have just been born!

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