The panic of Christmas

This is where my name comes from, ‘The useless mother’

Right at this moment, I feel useless!

I feel like there’s so many jobs that need doing and I don’t know whether it’s because of my lack of organisational skills or its just this time of year.

It’s overwhelming either way.

I’ve got a house to clean, presents to wrap and I know I’m going to have to nip out at some point and pick up those forgotten bits, plus so many more jobs!

I was relying on tomorrow, kids were going to their dad’s, it’s a great day for completing these jobs.

That’s until he sent me a message informing me that he can’t have them because his girlfriends parents are coming!


Now I might be being unreasonable here but I thought as a parent you adjust life events around your children, not the other way round!

I honestly don’t understand why he can’t still have them!

It angered me that much I didn’t dare reply as I knew I’d put something I’d later regret.

The kids still don’t know but for them, it’s a good thing, they’ll be happy they’re not going.

So that’s tomorrow out of the window but it’s fine, we’ll make it fun, we’ll get Christmas songs blasting out, which reminds me, I did introduce my kids to a new Christmas song yesterday! Probably not my finest mum moment but they did love it after the initial shock! Mr Hanky, the Christmas poo!!

If you don’t know it, YouTube it! Although you probably won’t know whether to thank me or not!!

Anyway, back on to subject (scrolls up to see what I was talking about) ahh yes, tomorrow! Christmas music blasting out and I’ll get the kids to help me, it’ll be fun! She says!

In reality it’ll probably be me and my son doing the cleaning and my daughter sitting there crying because I’ve asked her to pick up a shoe! I’ll spend that much time trying to motive her, I’ll get barely anything done, panic and then scream at her like a maniac on the loose!

This is how it usually goes!

We do have the very odd time where she gets into it and is helpful and thoughtful and I’m mega proud of her.

When those moments do happen they are that rare that I end up making some stupid, sarcastic comment which I know isn’t helpful but I just can’t stop myself! I’m working on it! I do make sure I tell her that I have noticed and I am extremely proud.

We definitely always need to remember to tell our kids how proud we are. I always tell my children and every single time their faces light up, it’s a confidence and self esteem boost, it’s always a feel good moment when somebody acknowledges something you have done and appreciates it, no matter how small the task may be. We all need it but children mostly. It wire’s their brains so they grow up wanting to do good.

It’s time for me to disappear and get some wrapping done.

Have a very happy weekend



5 thoughts on “The panic of Christmas

  1. It sounds like you are a great parent doing the best job you can possibly do. Surely your kids come before anything and it’s certainly not fair on you. If it’s any consolation the presents are still unwrapped, the house is a mess and I haven’t got round to thinking about food for Christmas Day. On the plus side the pets haven’t wrecked the Christmas Tree for over a day now.

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    1. It seems we’re on a similar page! Our pets aren’t strong enough to knock our trees over but I have had to drag one of them out from the centre of the tree several times and I’m a few baubles down from where they have been nibbled through and my light up Santa window decoration no longer lights up because one of them has chewed off the battery compartment!! 🤦‍♀️😂 It’s all fun and games!! 😂 It’ll be alright on the night!!


    1. Yep! South Park! 😂 I will let them listen to the song but they won’t be watching the programme! 😂

      I also think it’s an incredibly poor excuse! I told the kids they’re not going tomorrow and they both stood there smiling! 🙈 Speaks volumes!

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      1. This is close to me. I had an indifferent father. He wanted little to do with me until I became an adult. THEN, he decided he wanted to tell me what to do. Sorry…buddy. You don’t get to Monday Morning Quarterback me.

        We are not close at all.


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