The panic of Christmas

This is where my name comes from, ‘The useless mother’

Right at this moment, I feel useless!

I feel like there’s so many jobs that need doing and I don’t know whether it’s because of my lack of organisational skills or its just this time of year.

It’s overwhelming either way.

I’ve got a house to clean, presents to wrap and I know I’m going to have to nip out at some point and pick up those forgotten bits, plus so many more jobs!

I was relying on tomorrow, kids were going to their dad’s, it’s a great day for completing these jobs.

That’s until he sent me a message informing me that he can’t have them because his girlfriends parents are coming!


Now I might be being unreasonable here but I thought as a parent you adjust life events around your children, not the other way round!

I honestly don’t understand why he can’t still have them!

It angered me that much I didn’t dare reply as I knew I’d put something I’d later regret.

The kids still don’t know but for them, it’s a good thing, they’ll be happy they’re not going.

So that’s tomorrow out of the window but it’s fine, we’ll make it fun, we’ll get Christmas songs blasting out, which reminds me, I did introduce my kids to a new Christmas song yesterday! Probably not my finest mum moment but they did love it after the initial shock! Mr Hanky, the Christmas poo!!

If you don’t know it, YouTube it! Although you probably won’t know whether to thank me or not!!

Anyway, back on to subject (scrolls up to see what I was talking about) ahh yes, tomorrow! Christmas music blasting out and I’ll get the kids to help me, it’ll be fun! She says!

In reality it’ll probably be me and my son doing the cleaning and my daughter sitting there crying because I’ve asked her to pick up a shoe! I’ll spend that much time trying to motive her, I’ll get barely anything done, panic and then scream at her like a maniac on the loose!

This is how it usually goes!

We do have the very odd time where she gets into it and is helpful and thoughtful and I’m mega proud of her.

When those moments do happen they are that rare that I end up making some stupid, sarcastic comment which I know isn’t helpful but I just can’t stop myself! I’m working on it! I do make sure I tell her that I have noticed and I am extremely proud.

We definitely always need to remember to tell our kids how proud we are. I always tell my children and every single time their faces light up, it’s a confidence and self esteem boost, it’s always a feel good moment when somebody acknowledges something you have done and appreciates it, no matter how small the task may be. We all need it but children mostly. It wire’s their brains so they grow up wanting to do good.

It’s time for me to disappear and get some wrapping done.

Have a very happy weekend




It’s almost Christmas! 

I’ve been rather busy, my little mind gets too flustered when I’ve got too much to think about so I’ve gave my blog a break for a bit.

But I’m back now so time for an update!

This might seem a bit all over the place but welcome to my brain!

My boy is back on medication for now as he’s been struggling socially and emotionally but he’s now back to being happy again! Yay!

Christmas food shop came yesterday! Why did I order the fresh food over a week early? I don’t know either! Vegetables and potatoes will be prepped and frozen by tomorrow! It seems like a lot of effort but I’m sure the future me will be very thankful!

It’s Christmas jumper day and Christmas meal day at my sons school today, I was dreading both and I know he also was.

He always worries about wearing the wrong thing and I get that, I’ve been there! He said he was just going to wear normal clothes and I would of let him. That was until I went shopping and spotted an awesome Christmas top of Santa doing a fortnight dance move! He loved it! As it was only a short sleeved top I pulled all of his Christmas jumpers out and found an elf one that said #elfie! He was more than happy to wear it and walked down the street with his coat undone, proud of his jumper! Success!

Next problem was Christmas Dinner! He won’t eat school dinners but I also knew that when he sees everyone enjoying themselves he’ll feel left out, what can I do to fix this problem? I slow cooked a pork joint overnight, made some stuffing this morning and he went to school with a pork and stuffing roll, (cob where I come from!) some carrot sticks, cherries, (still got to get his 5 a day in!) a mince pie and obviously I couldn’t not put a Christmas cracker in there for him! He was delighted! Mission completed!

This year we have done away with advent calanders and instead I got little Christmas tree stockings that I put a treat in each evening for the morning. They love it and it works out so much cheaper.

I think I will sign out for now so I can get something useful done!

Tomorrow I’ll be giving an update on how the Christmas jumper day went and whether I got my act together and sorted those veggies out!

Over and out!


The ‘C’ word

Do I dare say it?!

Christmas! Oh yes, it’s very quickly approaching and please don’t say I’m the only one silently freaking out!

The older the kids get, the more expensive the presents get!

I really want to meet those parents that only spend £100 on each child! I want to know where you shop!

Although I am a single parent and have always felt the need to prove that the kids have never missed out because of that, so perhaps I do spend a little more.

I know I don’t need to though, they are great kids who are incredibly appreciative. If I could only afford one small present I’m more than positive they would understand and just be thankful for that one present. Although that makes me want to spoil them more!

I have a 9 year old who is very teenager. He’s only interested in computers, music systems and speakers etc. Whilst my 12 year old is a typical 12 year old, phone, earrings and books, she’s a massive bookworm!

Every year I say I’m going to start in May this year so it’s all done and out of the way by December! Not once has that ever happened but next year I will! No, really I will this time!

We’ve got a holiday booked for April so when I get back and the kids are back to school I’m going to be on it!

Watch this space! Not literally though, keep reading!

I know what I’m going to say right now is completely cliche but let’s be honest, does it really matter if we can’t afford much?

I know my kids would be upset if they didn’t get anything but if we weren’t together they would be devastated!

That’s what really matters, I mean yes it’s nice to sit there on Christmas day watching the kids open trillions of presents, seeing their faces light up with every bit if wrapping paper torn off.

However spending that day playing ridiculous board games, (yes I insist the board games come out on Christmas day!) eating a lovely dinner which doesn’t have to cost that much! There’s no rule to say you have to have a £35+ turkey on Christmas day! And just generally having fun!

And 9 times out of 10 the kids prefer playing with the cheap bit of plastic that’s just fell out of the Christmas cracker then the 100’s of pounds worth of presents you’ve just bought them!

I’m going to spend a little less this year on presents because if you look back on last year, what did you get? Ask your kids what they got for Christmas. See if they can remember and how many presents they can remember. My kids would remember the ‘big’ present. That’s it! Yet if I ask them what we did last Christmas, they can tell me if we went out, what games we played etc etc

Presents matter in the moment, they are soon forgotten, memories spent together last a life time.