Always remember

It’s 11th November 2018.

The day we we take time out to remember and pay respect to the soldiers who fought for their country and for future generations, us.


Above is a picture of my son studying the memorial. 9 years old with ADHD, dyspraxia and potentially aspergers.

We walked through our local graveyard and we came across the memorial which is new since we last walked through there. It was beautiful with 2 benches around it and it was roped off apart from one side so you could go and sit with the memorial. I thought it was so lovely I asked him if he wanted to sit there for a little bit.

I’m so glad we did. As you can see he showed so much interest and he fully examined every inch of it whilst asking questions. It made me so proud that he wanted to learn the what’s and whys.

I know he would of forgot everything by next year, in fact he’s probably forgot everything already as he has always been interested in learning about it but ironically never remembers!

That’s ok though as it’s not that he doesn’t remember through lack of interest, he doesn’t remember through his special needs. People with ADHD have terrible memories!

However every year I will teach him again as I know one year he will turn round to me and say ‘I already know that!’ and that’s when I know my job is done.

Shortly I will be taking my children to watch the parade and participate in the 2 minute silence. 2 minutes of standing still silently is painful for my son but he does it because he knows its respectful and we have morals to stick with. Even at a very young age I can remember people complimenting him considering he never stopped!

Whether you choose to pay your respects or not, I hope your day is enjoyed.

Lest We Forget