The ‘C’ word

Do I dare say it?!

Christmas! Oh yes, it’s very quickly approaching and please don’t say I’m the only one silently freaking out!

The older the kids get, the more expensive the presents get!

I really want to meet those parents that only spend £100 on each child! I want to know where you shop!

Although I am a single parent and have always felt the need to prove that the kids have never missed out because of that, so perhaps I do spend a little more.

I know I don’t need to though, they are great kids who are incredibly appreciative. If I could only afford one small present I’m more than positive they would understand and just be thankful for that one present. Although that makes me want to spoil them more!

I have a 9 year old who is very teenager. He’s only interested in computers, music systems and speakers etc. Whilst my 12 year old is a typical 12 year old, phone, earrings and books, she’s a massive bookworm!

Every year I say I’m going to start in May this year so it’s all done and out of the way by December! Not once has that ever happened but next year I will! No, really I will this time!

We’ve got a holiday booked for April so when I get back and the kids are back to school I’m going to be on it!

Watch this space! Not literally though, keep reading!

I know what I’m going to say right now is completely cliche but let’s be honest, does it really matter if we can’t afford much?

I know my kids would be upset if they didn’t get anything but if we weren’t together they would be devastated!

That’s what really matters, I mean yes it’s nice to sit there on Christmas day watching the kids open trillions of presents, seeing their faces light up with every bit if wrapping paper torn off.

However spending that day playing ridiculous board games, (yes I insist the board games come out on Christmas day!) eating a lovely dinner which doesn’t have to cost that much! There’s no rule to say you have to have a £35+ turkey on Christmas day! And just generally having fun!

And 9 times out of 10 the kids prefer playing with the cheap bit of plastic that’s just fell out of the Christmas cracker then the 100’s of pounds worth of presents you’ve just bought them!

I’m going to spend a little less this year on presents because if you look back on last year, what did you get? Ask your kids what they got for Christmas. See if they can remember and how many presents they can remember. My kids would remember the ‘big’ present. That’s it! Yet if I ask them what we did last Christmas, they can tell me if we went out, what games we played etc etc

Presents matter in the moment, they are soon forgotten, memories spent together last a life time.